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Buyers & Responders We also have a variety of buyers and responders who are very responsive to a variety of highly promotional offers. 

1) Travel Sweepstakes - These online travel enthusiasts have registered to win an all-expenses paid vacation. They are very responsive to a variety of offers.  250,000 + per week.

2) Net Surveys - These online survey enthusiasts have filled out an extensive survey online and have indicated an interest in a variety of topics such as mortgage refinance, debt consolidation, credit card aquisition, and more.  55,000 + per week.

3) Time Share Tours - These consumers are willing to endure a time share presentation in order to get a great deal on their vacation hotel stay. These people had to be over 30 years old and carry major credit cards to be eligible for the offer. You can order the file shortly after they have made a down payment for the vacation.  These consumers respond to a variety of highly promotional offers. 15,000 + per week.

Email: listmanagement@dartdatalists.com
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