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Direct Mail Programs   We can drive calls into your call center for a variety of direct marketing businesses. We develop the creative, test and retest until it is just right, print, mail and use our own marketing lists we know work. The whole process is completely turn-key!

Mortgages  We develop your mail piece from scratch based on principles we know have been successful for our other mortgage clients. We mail to our databases of the most responsive homeowners in the country.

Catalog Credit Cards  We have several mail pieces which sizzle or we can use yours. We print, mail and have the right files to create stellar response.

Payday Loans  We have a postcard program that excites potential borrowers and gets them on the phone with your loan processors. Another program sets up a stored value account for your clients to use for direct deposit of their paychecks and to receive your loan deposits.

Merchant Accounts We send postcards to new small businesses nationwide just as they turn on their utilities and are ready to etablish their banking arrangements. We can have an offer going out to a prospect in days of his utilities being installed so you beat your competition to the punch!

Email: directmail@dartdatalists.com
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