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Sub-prime Data These are some of our available sub-prime buyers and responders. Call for current counts and for our latest additions to our sub-prime roster of files.

1) Get Credit Now - These inquirers have entered their personal data online because of their interest in receiving a new credit card. They have indicated that their credit isn’t perfect and are actively pursuing credit. 60,000 + per week.

2) Car Credit Network - These motivated individuals responded to advertisements offering sub-prime vehicle financing by either phone or internet. They are ready to find more financing and are willing to pay higher interest rates.  50,000 + per week.

3) Gold Card Activators - These excited direct mail respondents called in to activate their new catalog credit “Gold Card”. They are willing to pay a $299 membership fee in order to access a $6,000 credit line which allow members to purchase items from the merchant’s catalog and requires a 25% down payment.  70,000 + per week.

4) Payday Loans - These internet generated respondents filled out a form online in response to an email offering short tem loans up to $1000. These are initially generated on behalf of several lenders who then lend to the customer at interest rates exceeding those found in pawn shops. They are anxious to find a credit source with more reasonable interest.  10,000 + per week.

5) Over The Limit - These online buyers have had their credit card declined at one of a variety of online merchants. These buyers are happy to buy online but are in need of additional credit.  50,000 + per week.

6) Debt Consolidators - These debtors have received an email offering debt elimination or debt consolidation and have clicked through and filled out a form asking to be contacted by a debt counselor. These people aren’t broke, they just have gotten in a little over their head and need help to sort out their finances.  18,000 + per week.

7) Internet Fast Cash - These cash strapped online enthusiasts satisfied their short term cash advance needs by taking out a high interest rate loan. Their average age is 35 and average income is $40,000. Evenly split between males and females.

8) No Credit Check Computer Finance - These credit-challenged consumers responded to an offer in their email box for computer financing regardless of credit.   35,000 + per week.

9) Catalog Buyers Check/Debit- Direct mail catalog enthusiasts which either have no credit card or choose to pay with check or debit card when purchasing out of one of several catalogs.   15,000 + per week. 

10) Online Gold Card- These internet-savvy credit-challenged consumers signed up for a $10,000 credit line online. They paid a $150 membership fee so they could get the card. When purchasing products from the online catalog they must put 25% down and may finance the balance.   11,000 + per week.

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